What Affects the Life Span ofL ED Explosion-proof Lights?

The LED explosion-proof lamp is a kind of explosion-proof lamp. Its principle is the same as that of the explosion-proof lamp, except that the light source is an LED light source, which refers to a lamp with various specific measures taken to prevent the surrounding dust environment and gas from being ignited. LED explosion-proof lamps are currently energy-saving explosion-proof lamps, used in petrochemicals, coal mines, power plants, gas stations and other places.

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We all know that LED explosion-proof lights have good energy-saving effects and good brightness. So what affects the life of LED explosion-proof lights, and how can maintenance bring benefits?

Several factors affecting the life of LED explosion-proof lamps:

1. The quality of the wick is the primary condition that determines the life of the LED explosion-proof lamp

In the manufacturing process of LED chips, other impurity ion pollution, lattice defects and other technological processes will affect their life. Therefore, the use of high-quality LED wicks is the primary condition.

Keming’s explosion-proof lamp adopts a single high-power LED lamp bead imitating lumen and a big brand chip design. The specially designed LED light source has uniform projection, high light transmission and low glare.

2. Lamp design is a key issue that affects the life of LED explosion-proof lamps

In addition to meeting other indicators of the lamp, a reasonable lamp design is a key issue to dissipate the heat generated when the LED is lit. For example, the integrated light source lamps on the market (single 30 W, 50 W, 100 W), the light source of these products and the heat dissipation channel contact part of the heat is not smooth, as a result, some products cause light after 1-3 months of lighting. The decay is more than 50%. After some products use a low power tube of about 0.07 W, because there is no reasonable heat dissipation mechanism, the light decays very quickly. These three non-products have low technical content, low cost and short life span.

3. Lamp power supply is very important to the life of LED explosion-proof lamp

Whether the power supply of the lamp is reasonable will also affect its life. Because LED is a current-driven device, if the power supply current fluctuates greatly, or the frequency of power spikes is high, it will affect the life of the LED light source. The life of the power supply itself mainly depends on whether the power supply design is reasonable. On the premise of reasonable power supply design, the life of the power supply depends on the life of the components.

4. The influence of ambient temperature on the life of LED explosion-proof lamps

The current short life of LED lamps is mainly due to the short life of the power supply, and the short life of the power supply is due to the short life of the electrolytic capacitor. Another feature of the life index of electrolytic capacitors is that it must indicate the life under the working environment temperature of how many degrees, and it is usually specified as the life under the ambient temperature of 105 ℃. The lower the ambient temperature, the longer the service life of the capacitor. Even an ordinary electrolytic capacitor with a lifespan of 1,000 hours can reach 64,000 hours at an ambient temperature of 45°C, which is sufficient for an ordinary LED lamp with a nominal life of 50,000 hours. Used it.

Daily maintenance of LED explosion-proof lights:

We buy a good quality LED explosion-proof lamp can be used for three years, but you usually don’t pay attention to the maintenance of the LED explosion-proof lamp, so you can only use it for two years, which is equivalent to spending more money, how do we make the LED explosion-proof lamp Longer life span is the key, let’s briefly talk about a few things below:

1. Regularly clean up the dust and other debris on the lamp housing (if not cleaned for a long time, the dust adheres to the lamp to block the heat emitted by the lamp, resulting in the heat not being dissipated. This is to ensure the LED explosion-proof lamp Good heat dissipation effect), good heat dissipation is an important factor to extend the life of the LED.

2. Intermittent repair and shutdown of lamps. It is recommended that lamps do not work uninterrupted for 24 hours, because the temperature of the lamps will gradually rise during uninterrupted work. The higher the temperature, the greater the impact on the life of the lamp. The higher the temperature, the shorter the life of the lamp. .

3. The light transmission cover regularly cleans up dust and other debris to ensure the light transmission effect

4. Regularly check the voltage of the circuit. If the voltage is unstable, the circuit should be maintained and repaired.

5. The ambient temperature of the LED explosion-proof lamps should not be higher than 60 degrees, and the service life may be directly shortened by 2/3 if it is higher than 60 degrees.

6. The lamps must be turned on regularly during normal use.

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