Mud Cleaner Combined Bu Desander and Desilter

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Desanding and desilting integrated machine is a new type of secondary and tertiary solids control equipment for drilling mud developed to adapt to the development trend of oil drilling. It is a cyclone desander, a desilting cyclone and an underflow vibrating screen. Three into one. The drilling fluid mud cleaner has a compact structure, a small footprint, and powerful functions. It is an ideal choice for high-efficiency cleaner equipment for the secondary and tertiary solid phase control of drilling mud.

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Model TY/QJ200*1S-100*4N TY/QJ200*2S-100*8N TY/QJ250*2S-100*12N TY/QJ250*3S-100*20N
Processing Capacity 60m³/h 120m³/h 240m³/h 320m³/h
Desanding Cyclone Size 8in 10in
Quantity of Desanding Cyclone 1nos 2nos 2nos 3nos
Desludge Cyclone Size 4in
Number of Sludge Cyclone 4nos 8nos 12nos 20nos
Work Pressure 0.25-0.4mpa
Inlet Diameter DN125mm DN150mm DN150mm DN200mm
Outlet Diameter DN150mm DN200mm DN200mm DN250mm
Separation Point TY/ZS60/N/A TY/ZS752/N/A TY/ZS752/N/A TY/ZS703/N/A
Underflow Sieve Type 15µ m~44µ m
Size 1510*1160*2000mm 1835*1230*1810mm 835*1230*1810mm 2419*2150*2147mm
Weight 600kg 980kg 1250kg 2350kg


There is a control valve between the main inlet pipe and the liquid outlet pipe of the desander and the desander, and an automatic sand control device and an underflow port adjustment device are arranged in the cyclone. It is suitable for the new type of compact structure, convenient use, easy maintenance, reliable work, can quickly remove harmful solid phases in drilling fluid, improve drilling fluid performance, and meet the requirements of new high-pressure jet drilling technology.


Our sand and silt removal integrated machine has other equivalent products that are more flexible. It can achieve mud purification while dry discharge of the slag. It has a small area and high efficiency. The system is equipped with a constant flow and self-leveling system. The performance is more stable and safe. Finally, we propose a double-layer screen design for crushed stones and large pieces to ensure the operation of the cyclone.

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