Impeller Diesel Dredger Sub Mercible Dredging Sand Pump Machine

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Sand pump is a kind of centrifugal mud pump, used to transport suspension containing sand, slag, etc. The impeller is mostly open. The lining of the pump is generally divided into two types, wear-resistant metal and wear-resistant rubber. In addition, inject high-pressure water into the sliding part of the pump shaft to prevent mud and sand from entering the sliding part. This kind of pump can be used for conveying liquids containing coarse solids with a particle size above 48 meshes.

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Model Flow Lift Diameter of Impeller Power Frequency Ex Standard Weight Size
TY/SB8*6-14J 320m³/h 40m 14in 75kw 50HZ ExdIIBt4 1096kg 1968*650*1017mm
TY/SB8*6-12J 12in 60HZ
TY/SB8*6-13J 275m³/h 35m 13in 55kw 50HZ 987kg 1894*650*957mm
TY/SB8*6-11J 11in 60HZ
TY/SB6*5-13J 200m³/h 35m 13in 45kw 50HZ 786kg 1811*558*858mm
TY/SB6*5-10J 10in 60HZ
TY/SB6*5-12J 150m³/h 30mm 12in 37kw 50HZ 771kg 1786*558*858mm
TY/SB6*5-9J 9in 60HZ
TY/SB5*4-13J 120m³/h 35mm 13in 30kw 50HZ 696kg 1696*568*805mm
TY/SB5*4-11J 11in 60HZ
TY/SB5*4-12J 90m³/h 30mm 12in 22kw 50HZ 583kg 1648*568*800mm
TY/SB5*4-10J 10in 60HZ
TY/SB4*3-13J 65m³/h 35mm 13in 18.5kw 50HZ 561kg 1595*505*800mm
TY/SB4*3-12J 12in 60HZ
TY/SB4*3-12J 55m³/h 38mm 12in 15kw 50HZ 482kg 1550*505*755mm
TY/SB4*3-10J 10in 60HZ
TY/SB4*3-11J 45m³/h 25mm 11in 11kw 50HZ 464kg 1510*505*755mm
TY/SB3*2-9.5J 9.5in 60HZ
TY/SB3*2-10J 30m³/h 20mm 10in 7.5kw 50HZ 380kg 1398*490*717mm
TY/SB3*2-9J 9in 60HZ


  • The pump body is made of alloy cast iron, which has a longer service life
  • Selection of precision casting technology greatly reduces the incidence of casting defects
  • The seal adopts mechanical seal and asbestos packing seal double seal
  • Accessories can be interchanged with international mission pumps


This sand pump is mainly used for continuous conveying of strongly abrasive materials that are too large to be conveyed by ordinary slurry pumps. It is suitable for dredging, sucking sand and gravel, dredging river channels, mining and metal smelting explosion slag transportation, etc.

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