Do you know the four major technical standards of LED explosion-proof lights?

Do you know the four major technical standards of LED explosion-proof lights?

The LED explosion-proof lamp is one of the explosion-proof lamps. Its principle is the same as that of the explosion-proof lamp. The difference is that the light source used is an LED light source, which refers to a lamp that takes various specific measures to prevent the surrounding explosive mixture from being ignited. Therefore, it is very important for us to purchase LED explosion-proof lights. When purchasing, we need to understand the four major technical standards of LED explosion-proof lights.

1. LED light source


Imported high-brightness, high-efficiency and low-light-decay LED chips are used, and materials that meet the requirements are used, such as packaged gold-line phosphor lamps. When buying, please choose industrial lighting fixtures specially used for production.

2. Drive power


LED is a semiconductor component that converts DC electrons into light energy, so stable driving requires high-performance power drive chips, and power factor PU compensation functions are needed to ensure power efficiency. Power is the key factor of the whole lamp. At present, the quality of LED power supply on the market is uneven and mixed. A good driving power supply can not only guarantee stable DC output, but also fully guarantee the improvement of conversion efficiency. This parameter reflects the real energy-saving type of the lamp and will not cause waste to the power grid.

3. The appearance and structure of the LED explosion-proof lamp and the tight heat dissipation system


In addition to the high-end appearance, high-quality light source and power supply, a good lamp is more importantly the rationality of the shell structure. It involves the heat dissipation problem of the LED lamp. As the LED converts the lamp energy, part of the electric energy is also converted into heat energy. The hot lead is emitted into the air to ensure the stability of the LED lamp. The high temperature of the LED lamp will accelerate the light decay and affect the life of the LED lamp. It is worth mentioning that the LED chip technology is constantly improving, and the conversion efficiency is also improving. The heat consumed in the conversion of electric energy will be less, and the heat dissipation device will be thinner. Also because some of the lower costs are beneficial to LED, but this Is it just a technological development direction, the current heat dissipation parameters of the housing must still be paid attention to.

Fourth, the lens of the LED explosion-proof lamp

It is often overlooked by some designers. In fact, light loss will occur. The refractive index of the lens to light also profoundly affects the final output luminous flux. A better lens transmittance can reach more than 93. Because of the cost, the quality of the lens is also more important. Therefore, in order to save costs, some manufacturers use cheap lens materials that must be secondary materials and have a light transmittance of about $70, which is invisible to the naked eye and deceives consumers. However, the test results of their practical instruments are very easy. The material is relatively poor, and it will turn yellow after a long time.

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