Ride the wind and waves, and win the future together

Ride the wind and waves, and win the future together

The 10th Anniversary of Chengdu Taiyi Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd. ended successfully

    Years are like songs, winds and frosts are picturesque, and with the flick of ten years, Chengdu Taiyi Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Chengdu Taiyi) ushered in its 10th anniversary. Over the past ten years,     Taiyi family has worked hard and forged ahead in the fierce market competition, accepted the baptism of market storms, and achieved fruitful results. On September 2nd, in order to celebrate this special day, we held the 10th anniversary celebration with the theme of “Bring the Wind and Waves, Win the Future” as the theme. The event was held at the Boya Mingren Hotel near the company.

Except for those who could not return at the work site, the participants of this celebration event were all there. There were also some old colleagues and old friends. They shared the joy and excitement of the 10th anniversary of Chengdu Taiyi Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd. Before the opening of the celebration, an electronic photo album of the beautiful moments of ten years of development was played. Ten years of hard work and ten years of development were all condensed in a short VCR. Familiar or unfamiliar faces, new breakthroughs time after time, make us seem to relive the journey of Chengdu Taiyi over the past ten years. This situation makes everyone in Taiyi feel excited.


    The celebration is divided into four chapters. In Chapter A, the general manager and several old colleagues and friends took the stage to give speeches. In his speech, the general manager explained to the guests the development history of Chengdu Taiyi in the past ten years and the future corporate planning. Mr. Li said that after more than ten years of continuous development, from the difficult and hard work in the early days of the business to the present , Chengdu Taiyi has developed into a technology, safety, energy-saving, product supplier and installation, maintenance, and transformation service contractor. Thank you for the support of old colleagues and friends and the hard work of all employees of Chengdu Taiyi. I firmly believe that it will be in the future. Will be more brilliant.

    Next is Chapter B “The Show”, the adapted song “Meeting Friends of Taiyi” and the soundtrack recitation of the adapted poem “Without You, All Wonders Are All in Vain” carefully prepared by the company’s employees. With affectionate and cheerful melody and impassioned words, he expressed his love, wishes and hope for the future of Chengdu Taiyi.



    At the end of all the programs, all the staff sang the song “I Believe” together. At the same time as the singing, the video also played the smiling photos of every employee of the company. It was also the companys wish for each of our employees and work. Comes from life, the future of Chengdu Taiyi is inseparable from everyone in the company, but I also hope that everyone will work happily and love life. A better future, created by you and me!

    The third chapter of the event is the “lottery draw” that everyone loves. This time there are 2 first prizes, 3 second prizes and 8 third prizes. The first prize is drawn for us by the general manager of Chengdu Taiyi. , The second prize was drawn by the old colleagues who worked in the company before, and the third prize was drawn voluntarily by everyone present. With the background music “Good Luck Coming”, the list of winners was drawn one after another, and everyone happily received their own prizes.


    Chapter D of the activity is a group photo, but it also comes with a surprise. Everyone sitting here knows nothing except the presenter and the planner. Girls from every department of the company slowly walked into the venue while singing birthday songs and pushing birthday cakes. The general manager came on stage to blow candles and cut the cakes. Everyone took a group photo together, which once again pushed the atmosphere of the scene into a warm atmosphere.


    At the dinner, everyone was full of the laughter and laughter. Drinking alcohol and  alcohol  together in a cup, and then filled it up. This is the friendship along the way. With blessings and laughter, the happy hour of the anniversary event also ended successfully.

    Chengdu Taiyi has gone through ten years. Taking advantage of this anniversary event, I would like to thank all the friends and colleagues who have supported and helped Chengdu Taiyi along the way. Up to now, we have made our own achievements in the energy industry. However, the pace of progress will not stop, and Taiyis spirit of hard work will not stop. Chengdu Taiyi will continue to work hard on the road ahead, continue to ride the wind and waves, and win the future together!

Post time: Sep-17-2021

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