How to Use Explosion-proof Connectors

    Speaking of “explosion-proof connectors”, everyone in the industry is familiar with it. There are many manufacturers, such as Chengdu Taiyi. There are also several names, such as connectors, plugs, and so on. Even if you ask me why I call me that way, you can only say that the master told me (playing stupid).

YTYZGZ IP54 1345 pin 250v400v Explosion Proof Socket and Plug (3)

    Since it is now learning and selling, we must first introduce the product function and usage requirements. As the name suggests, the explosion-proof connector plays the role of connection or disconnection and is an important part of the components. A safe and stable explosion-proof connector can ensure the operation of the components and improve the efficiency.

     Of course, there are many types of explosion-proof connectors. For the explosion-proof connectors used in our industry, the explosion-proof level must reach Ex nA T4 Gc and above, and the external protection level must reach IP54 and above, that is, non-sparking or increased safety. Coal mine gas explosion gas environment, external dust and splash water, the surface temperature of the equipment can reach 135 , can be used in the environment of zone 2 and below.

    Explosion-proof connectors will be correspondingly improved according to the different protection levels of the use environment, and some need to reach IP67, that is, dust-tight and short-term water immersion. After hearing this, some friends may have to ask, can Chengdu Taiyi’s explosion-proof connectors reach IP67, then I can only say no with hatred, we can only reach IP54. Some friends may ask if they see the surface temperature of the device can reach 135°C, can it be used in an environment of 135°C.

    Then I want to praise you for being awesome! That is the temperature that can be reached on the surface of the device and does not refer to the ambient temperature. Generally speaking, the ambient temperature of -20~+40does not need to be marked. Like our Taiyi’s explosion-proof connectors, the ambient temperature is -20~+50. Next time, dont see the T1 on the explosion-proof certificate number. The surface temperature can reach 450and you want to burn it! .

    In short, you should judge based on the use environment not to choose blindly. If you want to consult the explosion-proof connector, you can also contact us.

    Thats it for the product introduction, see you guys in the next issue.



Post time: Jun-30-2021

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