YT/YZ/GZ IP54 1/3/4/5 pin 250v/400v Explosion Proof Socket and Plug

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The explosion-proof plug-in device can provide start-stop and control conversion for the motor in dangerous places, such as chemical industry, gasoline gas station, petroleum, military industry and other places with high humidity, high temperature and dust.

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Ambient Temperature -20℃ ~ +50℃
Working Voltage AC400V AC500V
Working Current 15A/16A/25A/60A 100A/150A/200A/300A
Withstand Voltage 2800VAC
Insulation Resistance >100MΩ
Contact Resistance ≤0.5mΩ
IP Grade IP54
Contact Progression Three cores, four cores, five cores, six cores, ten cores, fourteen cores, twenty cores, thirty cores
Mechanical Life 500times
Plugs and sockets can be equipped with needles or holes


  • The shell is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, and the surface is high-voltage electrostatic spray.
  • The plug and the switch are made into an interlocking structure, and the plug can only be pulled out after the switch in the socket is disconnected.
  • Steel pipe or cable wiring.


This is an explosion-proof plug-in device with strong safety performance. It is small in size, designed to fit the actual situation, and high-strength materials ensure the life of the product. This is a new technology that conforms to the development of the electrical industry and has considerable improved performance. It can be used in high-pressure environments. Escort for electrical safety.

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