Positive Pressure Intelligent Explosion-proof Distribution Cabinet

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Positive pressure type explosion-proof power distribution cabinet, electrical cabinet with reliable sealing performance. Under the control of the automatic control system, the protective gas is introduced, and the pressure in the positive pressure chamber is greater than the pressure outside the chamber, which can provide under-pressure alarm in dangerous places, and the function of low-voltage power-off can find and solve the problem at the first time of danger, for example Petrochemical industry, factory workshops, mining industry, power transmission industry and other places with high humidity, high temperature and dust.

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Model TY/PXK100-1
Ex Marking ExP dm ia II BT4=II 2G ExP dm ia IIBT4
IP Grade IP65/IP66
Air Pressure 0.2-1.0
Working Voltage 80-1000
宽B 高H 厚H (main cavity)高H Installation Size
1 500 800 220 600 Customized
2 600 1000 250 800
3 800 1200 250 1000


  • The product adopts GGD power distribution cabinet frame, adopts main and auxiliary panel structure, the whole cabinet includes ventilation system, pressure sensing system, automatic control system, ventilation system, measurement system and electrical system.
  • The product can be equipped with detection instruments, analytical instruments, display instruments, low-voltage electrical appliances, frequency converters, soft starters or computer control systems, which can be used as central signal processing systems and central control systems.
  • The protection device is complete. The control cabinet is equipped with a ventilation and delivery point interlocking device. Only after the specified ventilation time is reached, the power can be automatically sent, and there is a low-pressure automatic alarm and automatic air-supply device, and high-pressure automatic air-off function.
  • The sealing performance is reliable, the shell adopts multiple sealing protections, the pressure holding time is long, and the operating cost is saved.
  • This cabinet adopts cable trench seat installation form, and the user needs to be equipped with a clean or inert gas source.
  • Multiple units can be installed side by side and run online.
  • When manufacturing, the user needs to provide a complete electrical system diagram and control system built-in material list.


This is our positive pressure type explosion-proof power distribution cabinet, equipped with an automatic control system, and an additional low-voltage interlock function, which enhances the safety and practicality of the product. It is a must-have product in the electrical and chemical industry.

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