What Are The Advantages of Explosion-proof Sound And Light Alarms?

    The application range of explosion-proof sound and light alarms is getting wider and wider. What is causing this situation? Let’s take a look.

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    Nowadays, the chemical environment is becoming more and more complex and changeable, and the evaluation rate and scope of the use of explosion-proof sound and light alarms are becoming wider and wider. We all know that in a dangerous, flammable and explosive environment, there will be more or less gas mixing that will threaten human life and safety, then the installation of explosion-proof sound and light alarms on the spot can play a role in reminding people to pay attention to the dangers.

    In fact, explosion-proof sound and light alarm is a kind of signal device, which is often used in special fields such as dangerous places. This kind of light sends out alarm signals to people through sound and light. Under normal circumstances, the sound and light alarm signals are sent out at the same time. Such audible and visual alarms are generally used in industries such as steel smelting, oil drilling, coal mines, ports and docks, and ocean-going ships.

    The integrated circuit design of the explosion-proof sound and light alarm can operate stably and prolong the service life. The super bright luminous tube is used inside, which can be clearly seen from multiple angles. And realized barrier-free voice. In appearance, it also has the characteristics of large sound, small size, light weight and low price. In addition, the sound and light alarm can be set to three alarm points, unlimited power and decibels can be adjusted. Our company’s TY/BJLED902 multi-function sound and light alarm is a sound and light integrated alarm, with dual alarm functions, including three types of signals such as air defense, first aid, and fire alarm. Each signal has a corresponding sound and flashing lights, and an alarm signal will be issued at the same time, so that people will know the type of alarm and the corresponding action that should be taken. Its characteristic is that the sound effect is very lifelike, the warning effect is strong, and the life span is long.

    Chengdu Taiyi Energy launched TY/BJLED902 explosion-proof sound and light alarm, if necessary, please contact us!

Post time: Aug-23-2021

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