The Correct Installation Method of Emergency Lights

Precautions for the installation of emergency lights


1. First, determine the location of the power box and lamps, and then install them in the correct way, and prepare the three-core and five-core cables of the corresponding length.

2. Use a hexagonal wrench to open the power box cover of the cable inlet and remove the ballast. Connect one end of the prepared three-core cable from the output of the power box to the ballast in accordance with the requirements of explosion-proof, then connect one end of the five-core cable from the input of the power box to the ballast, and then connect the battery Insert the corresponding positive and negative wiring positions of the battery on the circuit board, ***close the power box cover to fix it.

3. After fixing the lamp and the power box according to the predetermined position, use a hexagon wrench to open the screw on the front cover of the lamp. After opening the front cover, connect the other end of the three-core cable to the lamp in accordance with the explosion-proof standard, then fix the front cover after it is connected, and then connect the other end of the five-core cable to the city power according to the explosion-proof standard. Then lighting can be achieved.

4. Turn the emergency function switch key on the ballast to the OFF position, and the external wiring control emergency function of the lamp will be activated. If you don’t want to use the wire to control the emergency, then pull the switch to the ON position, and it will automatically be activated when the power is cut off. Turn on the emergency function.

5. The emergency light needs to be paid attention during the use. If the light is dim or the fluorescent light is difficult to start, it should be charged immediately. The charging time is about 14 hours. If it is not used for a long time, it needs to be charged once every 3 months, and the charging time is about 8 hours. The price of emergency lighting

How much is an emergency light? Mainly depends on its brand, model and other differences. The price of ordinary emergency lights is generally around 45 yuan, the price of emergency lights with national standards is generally around 98 yuan, and the price of emergency lights with a diameter of 250 is usually around 88 yuan. The price of household emergency lights will be cheaper, as long as a few yuan or Ten yuan. However, the price of branded emergency lights, such as Panasonic emergency lights, usually ranges from 150 to 200 yuan.

Purchase skills of emergency lighting

1. Choose the one with long lighting time

As a fire emergency equipment, the main function of emergency lights is to provide lighting for the accident site for a long time to facilitate the firefighting staff to deal with the accident. Therefore, when we buy emergency lights, we need to choose a long lighting time. We can consider the battery and lamps of the emergency light.

2. Choose according to your environment

When we choose emergency lights, we also choose according to our environment. If it is a high-risk place, it is better to choose an emergency light with explosion-proof function. If it is located in a *** place, then it is better to choose an embedded emergency light, which will not affect the appearance and also has a good lighting effect.

3. Choose good after-sales service

Emergency lights are high-consumption electronic products. We will inevitably encounter various problems during use. Therefore, when we purchase emergency lights, we need to choose those with good after-sales service and a longer warranty period. Only in this way can we be more at ease.

Classification of emergency lighting fixtures

1. Fire emergency lighting

Fire emergency lighting is a must in all public buildings. It is mainly used to prevent sudden power outages or fires from happening as a coordinate indicator for evacuation of people. It is widely used in shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, etc. , Hospitals, underlying facilities, etc.

Of course, there are actually many types of fire emergency lighting:

a. There are three kinds of lamps in different working conditions. One is the continuous emergency lamp that can provide continuous lighting. It should not be considered for normal lighting, and the other is the non-continuous emergency lamp used when the normal lighting lamp fails or is out of power. , The third type is a composite emergency light. More than two light sources are installed in this type of light. At least one of them can provide lighting when the normal power supply fails.

b. There are also two kinds of lamps with different functions. One is to provide necessary lighting lamps to walkways, exit passages, stairs and potentially dangerous areas in the event of an accident. The other is to clearly indicate the direction of exits and passages. Logo type lamps with text and icons.

Sign type lamps are very common emergency lighting lamps. It has very standard requirements. Its sign surface brightness is 710cd/m2, the stroke thickness of the text is at least 19mm, and its height should also be 150mm, and the observation distance It’s only 30m, and it’s more obvious when the text brightness has a larger contrast with the background.

Fire emergency lighting is composed of light source, battery, lamp body and electrical components. Emergency light using fluorescent lamp and other gas discharge light source also includes converter and its ballast device.

2. Emergency lighting

The second type of emergency lighting is mainly used for emergency lighting in warehouses, trenches, roadways and other occasions. It has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving. It mainly uses the fourth generation of green environmental protection, high-power white LED solid-state light source. This light source has relatively high luminous efficiency, and its service life is quite long. It does not require maintenance for a long time.

It is also a very user-friendly design product, which can automatically and manually switch emergency functions. The wide voltage design is easy to use, with soft light, no glare, and no glare, which can allow operators to improve work efficiency. The lightweight alloy material of the shell is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, waterproof and dust-proof.

Installation height of emergency light

I believe that when shopping, you will find that no matter how many luxurious and fashionable streets, there is an emergency light on the wall. In fact, this is installed in accordance with the regulations of the fire door. Although it looks not very pleasing, it is safe. At the same time, for this kind of emergency light, not only must the quality meet a certain standard, but also the inspection standard of the relevant department.

In most occasions, the installation height of this type of lamp is 2.3m. In fact, this has a certain basis. Like our ordinary residence, the height of each floor is about 2.8m, and the height of commercial places will be higher. Therefore, installing the emergency light at such a height is enough to achieve the lighting effect, and it is also more convenient for maintenance.

For some special places, the product installation height also has other requirements, such as stairwells or corners. These dangerous areas that are prone to crowding and explosions may cause more serious accidents because they cannot see clearly during emergency escape. Therefore, emergency lights should be installed close to the ground in these places, and the height should not exceed one meter.

Installation specification for emergency lighting

Generally speaking, this kind of lights will be placed on the door frame of the safety exit, about 2m above the ground. Of course, for some large electronic markets, shopping malls and other places, double-head emergency lights will be directly wall-mounted on the pillars.

In daily life, it is very common that the lamp cannot be used normally due to the wrong connection method. Therefore, it is recommended that each emergency light be equipped with a dedicated line, without a switch in the middle. The two-wire and three-wire emergency lights can be unified on the dedicated power supply. The setting of each dedicated power supply should be combined with the corresponding fire protection regulations.

In the event of a fire, since there is less smoke near the floor, people’s instinct is to bend over or crawl forward during evacuation. Therefore, local high-illuminance lighting is more effective than the uniform illuminance brought by high-level installation, so low-level installation is recommended. , That is, provide emergency lighting for evacuation close to the ground or at ground level.

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