Taiyi Explosion-proof Series–F30 Series Explosion-proof Floodlight

Taiyi F30 series explosion-proof floodlights are mainly used to replace traditional metal halide lamps used in specific areas, and to provide large-scale floodlighting for objects that need lighting.

Explosion-proof lamps are increasingly operating in specific places in daily life. Let me lead everyone into the world of explosion-proof floodlights.


The main advantages are:

1. The energy-saving effect is more prominent. Compared with the traditional light source, the energy-saving of the led explosion-proof floodlight is as high as 70%.

2. The installation is easier, the disassembly is more convenient, and the applicable range is wider.

3. The protection level is up to IP67, which has better anti-explosion, waterproof and anti-corrosion performance.

4. LED explosion-proof floodlights are suitable for general lighting and operation lighting in places such as petroleum, petrochemical, steel, electric power, ports, outdoor operations and construction sites.

5. Suitable for places with high protection requirements and humidity;

6. Suitable for IIA, IIB, IIC gas environment;

7. Suitable for T1-T6 temperature grade.

Product application case

Generally speaking, chemical, coal, oil drilling and other special hazardous areas have very high requirements for the selection of lamps. The quality of the lamps will directly affect the production and construction issues. According to the editor, it is recommended to use Taiyi TY/FLED30 series of explosion-proof floodlights.

So why use explosion-proof floodlights? Or why use explosion-proof lights?

Because ordinary lighting fixtures always inevitably produce some electric sparks when they are working, the surface temperature rises sharply, and when these electric sparks hit the gas generated during construction, once the two meet, it will cause an incident to occur, thereby harming People and property are safe, so the use of explosion-proof floodlights or explosion-proof lights is a very important thing.

Chengdu Taiyi Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd. has launched three types of led explosion-proof floodlights, with powerful functions, unanimous recognition of quality, consistent reputation, and beautiful prices. If necessary, please consult us!

Post time: Sep-10-2021

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