Taiyi Ex-proof Series-TY/PLED502 Ex-proof Platform Light.

The characteristics of Taiyi explosion-proof products:


1. Safety, Energy saving, environmental protection and wide applicability.

2. The shell is made of high-resistant aluminum alloy by one-time die-casting. The surface is cleaned by high-speed shot blasting and high-voltage electrostatic spray. The shell has a compact and reasonable structure, high material density and good strength, and excellent explosion-proof performance.

3. The lamp body rotates 360° horizontally, and the elevation angle is adjustable within +90°–60°.

4. The lampshade is made of toughened glass, which has good light transmission. The reflector has undergone strict secondary optical design and has been verified by actual tests. It has high reflectivity and good light concentration.

5. It has strong waterproof performance and can be used in places such as oil platforms. Protection grade IP66.

6. Explosion-proof mark: Ex d IIB T6 tDA21.

7. When the led explosion-proof lamp is used as a floodlight: add a condenser on the surface of the light source to increase the irradiance of the floodlight.

8. The led explosion-proof lamp is used as an explosion-proof lamp in the winery: it should be designed with a road seal; an explosion-proof intrinsically safe type; anti-corrosion level WF2, which is waterproof, dust-proof and explosion-proof.

9. The led explosion-proof lamp is used as an oilfield explosion-proof lamp: it should be designed with an anti-falling ring; make the oil field derrick vibrate to prevent the lamp from falling off because of the bolts falling off and protected by the anti-falling ring.

10. The standard explosion-proof lamp led by fire protection inspection and acceptance.

11. led explosion-proof lamp new process aluminum profile stretch forming.

12. The light distribution of the lamp is unique, the illuminance of the illumination range is uniform, and the illumination angle is up to 220 degrees, which fully utilizes the light; the light is soft and there is no glare, which will not cause eye fatigue of the operators and improve work efficiency.

Note: This product is a flameproof LED product, which can be used in flammable and explosive hazardous locations.

Post time: May-18-2021

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