Stainless Steel Explosion-proof Distribution Box

Stainless Steel Explosion-proof Distribution Box

Explosion-proof boxes are now more and more widely used, and everyone tends to buy standardized boxes, but in fact, it is best to customize the boxes according to your own situation. In many places, the use of stainless steel explosion-proof distribution boxes is also essential.

wKj0iWDdTRqAeIhtAAIbwqboFCQ074 Chengdu Taiyi Energy is a manufacturer engaged in a series of explosion-proof products such as explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof boxes, and explosion-proof connectors. It is an enterprise integrating R&D, production and trade. The main products are mining, factory, marine and chemical high and low voltage complete sets of equipment. Now Chengdu Taiyi Energy has 10 years of production experience, rich technical resources, and the technology industry chain is more mature than before, which can provide users with better explosion-proof electrical products.

Today, I will introduce the stainless steel explosion-proof distribution box of Chengdu Taiyi Energy.

微信图片_20210816085632微信图片_20210816085647Taiyi Energy can customize various explosion-proof junction boxes, explosion-proof distribution boxes, and explosion-proof integrated boxes according to the drawings and dimensions provided by customers. The boxes are made of cast aluminum, stainless steel and iron. Terminals and punching can be made according to customer requirements.

Applicable area of stainless steel explosion-proof distribution box

1. Hazardous locations in Zone 1, Zone 2 or Zone 20, Zone 21, and Zone 22 hazardous locations;

2. Class IIA, IIB, IIC explosive gas environment or combustible dust environment;

3. Temperature group: T1~T4/T5/T6;

4. Used in petroleum, chemical, aerospace and other places.

Features of stainless steel explosion-proof electric box

1. The outer shell of Chengdu Taiyi Energy’s stainless steel explosion-proof distribution box is made of stainless steel plate welded and formed with stainless steel exposed fasteners. The product has a beautiful appearance.

2. The explosion-proof power distribution box uses a composite modular structure, and each circuit can be assembled freely. Generally, the switch box uses an explosion-proof structure, while the busbar box and the outlet box use an increased safety structure. .

3. Users can configure the internal electronic components on their own requirements, which can be operated on the surface of the box or remotely.

4. It can operate multiple motors at the same time, each branch is equipped with circuit breaker protection, and can also be equipped with power supply for lighting or meters.

5. Steel pipe or cable wiring can be used.

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