New portable LED explosion-proof mobile magnetic work light

Looking back at history, mankind went from drilling wood for fire to later using the light of fire to illuminate the way forward, driving away beasts, and now to electric lights. Thousands of years of progress have created a dazzling array of lighting equipment today.


The times are developing and technology is advancing. Human beings are still exploring the earth. In the same way, human requirements for emergency lighting have also been constantly changing. In some specific places, there are special requirements for lighting life, brightness, quality, etc. In order to meet these requirements, Chengdu Taiyi Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd. newly launched a portable explosion-proof mobile magnetic work light TY/SLED703 of the TY/SLED70 series.


TY/SLED703 LED portable explosion-proof mobile magnetic work light has a beautiful appearance, simple operation and convenient carrying function. The bottom has a special support foot design to ensure that the light is irradiated from all directions and has a stronger three-dimensional effect.

At the same time, the design of the smooth support foot at the bottom prevents the lamp from rolling freely on the horizontal surface.

The design of the large-space handle and the large button makes it easy to operate the lamp even when wearing cotton gloves in icy and snowy weather.


Features of TY/SLED703 portable explosion-proof mobile magnetic work light

Use high-efficiency, long-life LED light source and high-energy polymer lithium battery;

With dual protection technology, superior performance;

The internal protection circuit of the battery has the function of preventing overcharge, over discharge and short circuit protection.

The average service life is up to 100,000 hours. Search light work time is not less than 4 hours,

The working time of the photo light is not less than 10 hours. Multi-band light source can be formed by adding filters,

Realize one lamp with multiple functions (hardcover configuration).

In addition, this work light also uses a technology called bionic compound eye for light distribution design, with a light distribution uniformity of 0.9 and above.

You can switch between the search light and photo light work modes.

The modified portable LED explosion-proof mobile magnetic work lights are used in many lighting industries such as coal mines, railways, metallurgy, petroleum and petrochemicals, etc., providing a lot of convenience for many system events and on-site investigations.

Product parameter

Rated voltage: 11.12V

Rated power: 9W

Strong luminous flux: 1600lm

Average service life: 100000H

Continuous lighting time: strong light: 8H

Working light: 16H

Charging time: 8H

Battery life cycle: 1000H

Output current: 800mA

Dimensions: 195mm*126mm*215mm

Weight: 1.45KG

Shell protection level: IP65

Explosion-proof mark: Ex d e IIC T6

Post time: Sep-29-2021

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