Just 3 minutes! You will learn how to identify the pros and cons of LED explosion-proof lights.

When facing all kinds of brands and high or low prices, many consumers may do not know how to buy and distinguish between good and bad. Here, I have summarized 4 points for consumers to help them rest assured to buy.

1. The packaging trademark

This is a simple and intuitive way to distinguish. The outer packaging of the LED lamp should be marked with information such as rated voltage, voltage range, rated power, brand trademarks and related certification marks. There are no printed trademarks and related certification marks on the outer packaging of some inferior products.

2. The appearance

The LED lamp uses three-primary color tubes, and the color of the tube is white. After covering it by hand, the color will look whiter. When purchasing, users can put many LED lights together to compare. Products with better tube shape and size consistency are generally mass-produced products, and the quality is mostly guaranteed.

The quality of the LED explosion-proof lamp can also be distinguished by its shell material. The plastic shell of the LED explosion-proof lamp is made of flame-retardant materials, such as aluminum alloy. While inferior products are made of ordinary plastic with smooth and shiny surfaces. It has the characteristics of being easily deformed and flammable.

3. The temperature at work

Under working conditions, the temperature of the LED explosion-proof lamp will not be too high and can be touched by hand. If the purchased product heats up significantly during working, it means that there is a problem with its quality. In addition, if the light of the LED explosion-proof lamp flashes, it also indicates that there is a problem with its quality.

4. The anti-electromagnetic interference performance

Electromagnetic compatibility is an important indicator for assessing whether electrical products are qualified. Therefore, when purchasing an LED explosion-proof lamp, users can check whether there is a relevant mark that has passed the test on the outer packaging.

When purchasing, users can use the short- and medium-wave radio for testing. Placing the radio near the LED explosion-proof lamp after power-on, and observing the noise in the radio. The lower the noise, the better the electromagnetic compatibility of the product.

Dear all, the above is today’s key points. If you want to know more information of all kinds of explosion-proof lights, please consult Chengdu Taiyi Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd. which especially specializes in various explosion-proof lamps, such as the explosion-proof floodlights mentioned here. Welcome to consult, visit and purchase. All staff of the company will serve you wholeheartedly.

Post time: Apr-22-2021

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