Is it normal for the strong light work lamp to heat up during use?

    There are many situations that can cause the battery to become hot


Causes of hot caused by lithium battery:

1. When the battery voltage is 0, the internal resistance of the battery will become very large, it will consume a lot of current when charging, and even the current of your charger is not enough for it to consume.

2. After the battery has zero voltage, the liquid inside the battery becomes dry. During the charging process, the dry substance reacts violently to emit heat.

3. After the battery has zero voltage, there may be a slight short circuit in the internal pole pieces, which makes the battery self-discharge continuously and emit heat.

The main reason why the flashlight gets hot is due to the lamp beads and IC or capacitors.

The commonly used lamp beads of flashlights have CREE lamp beads, Epistar and other brands. Like our companys lamp beads are CREE lamp beads,

One, strong brightness. The current is large.

Second, the life and performance of the lamp beads are better than other brands. If the lamp beads withstand current is 1.2A. If the flashlight is 1A, the current is too large. He needs to dissipate heat, if a 350 Am current is used, the flashlight will not get hot. But the effect of brightness has also been reduced. Flashlight heating is a normal phenomenon, but if it is very hot, turn it off and let it buffer.

During the use of flashlights, some flashlights will cause the body to become hot. This is also a normal phenomenon, whether it is an explosion-proof flashlight or a led flashlight, the principle of its composition is the same. The performance of the lamp beads and other components causes the flashlight to become hot. The flashlight generates heat because the realization of the highlight function requires high-power energy to drive. It is normal that the LED will generate a certain amount of heat when it is driven.

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