If you don’t use explosion-proof lights in these places, the consequences are too serious!

Since ordinary lighting fixtures inevitably generate electric sparks or form hot surfaces during operation, once they meet the explosive gas mixture at the production or rescue site, it will lead to an explosion accident and endanger life.


The electrical parts of ordinary lamps will be exposed more or less. Due to electrical faults or aging lines, once they come into contact with explosive gases and combustible dust, they may become BOOM!

The explosion-proof lamp can prevent the arc, spark and high temperature that may be generated inside the lamp from igniting the combustible gas and dust in the surrounding environment, so as to meet the explosion-proof requirements.

LED explosion-proof light is a kind of explosion-proof light. Its principle is the same as that of explosion-proof light, except that the light source is LED light source, which refers to various specific measures taken to prevent the ignition of surrounding explosive mixtures such as explosive gas environment, explosive dust environment, gas gas, etc. Measure light fixtures

LED explosion-proof lamps are currently the most energy-efficient explosion-proof lamps, suitable for petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and other special processing and manufacturing industries, as well as more special warehouses, workshops and other indoor and outdoor places that require flood lighting.

According to the “Standards for Determining Hidden Hazards of Major Production Safety Accidents in the Industry and Trade Industry” (2017 Edition), the following situations can be determined as major hidden dangers.

In the industrial fields with dust explosion hazard, explosion-proof electrical equipment and facilities are not used in Zone 20 of the dust explosion hazard place.

In the metallurgical industry, gas cabinets are built in densely populated areas, not far from important facilities such as large buildings, warehouses, communication and transportation hubs; auxiliary equipment and facilities are not equipped with explosion-proof equipment according to fire and explosion-proof requirements; no lightning protection device is installed on the top of the cabinet.

The machinery industry and light industry have not set up explosion-proof electrical equipment and facilities in accordance with the specifications.

Post time: Aug-05-2022

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