How to distinguish explosion-proof light, LED explosion-proof light and ordinary LED lights?

I believe that when salesman keep in contact with customers in the explosion-proof industry will always encounter some questions like "What is explosion-proof light? What is LED explosion-proof light? or What is the difference between explosion-proof light and ordinary LED light?" It is very difficult for salesman especially those who just start to enter the industry to answer this question. Some companies without complete management systems have not trained their employees, and they still may not know how to answer these questions even if they have worked for more than a year. Now let us learn about these right answers together.

1. The definition of explosion-proof light

Explosion-proof light refers to lights that are used in some dangerous places such as places where flammable gas and dust exist, and can prevent arcs, sparks and high temperatures that may be generated inside the lamp from igniting flammable gases and dust in the surrounding environment to meet the explosion-proof requirements.

Different explosion-proof levels and explosion-proof forms have different flammable gas mixture environments. According to the requirements of different flammable gas mixture environments, the explosion-proof grades of explosion-proof lights can be divided into three categories: IIA, IIB and IIC. There are two types of explosion-proof types: full flameproof type and composite flameproof type, denoted by (d) and (de) respectively. In addition, explosion-proof lamps also have two light sources: one is gas discharge lamps, such as fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps, etc.; the second is LED light sources which are divided into chip and COB integrated light sources. In the past, we used the first light source. Now, to advocate energy saving and emission reduction, LED light sources are gradually replacing the gas discharge lamps.

2.Second, the definition of LED explosion-proof light

After explaining the definition of explosion-proof light, I believe everyone can easily figure out what LED explosion-proof light is. That's right, it refers to the explosion-proof light with LED light source, which make the whole light structure changed. The light source cavity of the LED explosion-proof lamp is much flatter than the light source cavity of the gas discharge lamp, which is caused by the size of the light source. And the LED explosion-proof lamp has a big advantage that it needs a driving power supply to work, but now the technology can add the driving power inside the lamp, making it more beautiful and compact without delaying its work.

3.Third, the definition of ordinary LED light

Ordinary LED light, as the name implies, means that they do not need to be used in dangerous places like flammable gas and dust. Of course, there is no requirement for explosion-proof grade and explosion-proof type. Generally, we use them in offices, corridors, stairs, homes, etc. All of them are ordinary LED lights. The obvious difference between them and LED explosion-proof light is that the former lies in lighting, and the latter is not just lighting but explosion-proof. Only in this way can we avoid explosions that cause dangerous external environments, personal safety and property damage.

Post time: Apr-22-2021

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