How to correctly choose explosion-proof lamps, the following points are very important!

Before the explosion-proof lamps appeared, many companies installed ordinary lamps. Because ordinary lamps did not have good explosion-proof properties, it caused some factory accidents to happen frequently and caused heavy losses to the enterprise. The factory is prone to produce flammable and explosive materials during production. Because the lighting fixtures inevitably produce electric sparks or form hot surfaces when they work, they encounter flammable gases and ignite these gases, which will cause accidents. The explosion-proof lamp has the function of isolating combustible gas and dust. In these dangerous places, it can prevent sparks and high temperature from igniting the combustible gas and dust in the surrounding environment, so as to meet the explosion-proof requirements.

Different flammable gas mixture environments have different requirements for the explosion-proof grade and explosion-proof form of the ex lamp. According to the requirements of different flammable gas mixture environments, our commonly used explosion-proof lamps have IIB and IIC explosion-proof grades. There are two types of explosion-proof types: totally explosion-proof (d) and composite explosion-proof (de). The light sources of explosion-proof lamps can be divided into two categories. One type of light sources are fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps, high pressure sodium lamps, and electrodeless lamps commonly used in gas discharge lamps. The other is LED light source, which can be divided into patch light source and COB integrated light source. Our earlier explosion-proof lamps used gas discharge light sources. As the country proposes energy-saving and emission-reduction LED light sources, they have gradually risen and grown.

What are the structural characteristics of explosion-proof lamps?

l With good explosion-proof performance, it can easily be used in any dangerous place.

l Using LED as the source of light has high efficiency, wide irradiation range, and the service life can reach ten years.

l It has good electromagnetic compatibility to ensure that it will not affect the surrounding working environment.

l The lamp body is made of lighter alloy material, which has the advantages of strong corrosion resistance and impact resistance; the transparent part is made of high temperature resistant and impact resistant toughened glass.

l Small size, easy to carry, suitable for use in various places, and easy to understand.

What are the protection levels of the enclosures of explosion-proof lamps?

In order to prevent dust, solid foreign matter and water from entering the lamp cavity, touching or accumulating on live parts to cause flash over, short circuit or damage to electrical insulation, there are a variety of enclosure protection methods to protect electrical insulation. Use the characteristic letter "IP" followed by two numbers to characterize the enclosure protection level. The first number indicates the ability to protect against people, solid foreign objects or dust. Divided into 0-6 levels. Explosion-proof luminaire is a kind of sealed luminaire, its dust-proof ability is at least 4 or above. The second number indicates the water protection ability, which is divided into 0-8 grades.

How to choose explosion-proof lights?

1. LED light source

It is necessary to use LED chips with high brightness, high luminous efficiency and low luminous attenuation. This requires the choice of LED lamp beads packaged with regular channel chips from brand chip vendors such as American Kerui/German Osram, etc., packaged gold wire/phosphor powder/insulating glue, etc. All need to use materials that meet the requirements. At the time of purchase,** choose a manufacturer that specializes in the production of industrial lighting fixtures. The products cover professional lighting fixtures and various explosion-proof lighting fixtures used in explosion-proof areas.

2. Drive power

LED is a semiconductor component that converts DC electrons into light energy. Therefore, a stable drive requires a high-performance power driver chip. At the same time, the power factor pu compensation function is required to ensure power efficiency. Power is a vital factor for the entire lamp. At present, the quality of LED power supplies on the market is uneven. A good driving power supply not only guarantees stable DC supply, but also fully guarantees the improvement of conversion efficiency. This parameter reflects the real energy-saving and No waste to the grid.

3. The heat dissipation system with compact appearance and structure of LED explosion-proof lamps

An explosion-proof luminaire has a simple and elegant appearance, high-quality light source and power supply, and more importantly, the rationality of the shell structure. This involves the heat dissipation of the LED luminaire. As the LED converts light energy, part of the electrical energy is also converted into Thermal energy needs to be dissipated into the air, so as to ensure the stable lighting of the LED. The high temperature of the LED lamp will cause the light decay to accelerate and affect the life of the LED lamp. It is worth mentioning that the technology of LED chips continues to improve, the conversion efficiency is also improved, the amount of electricity consumption to convert heat will be less, the heat sink will be thinner, and the cost will be reduced due to some, which is conducive to the promotion of LEDs. This is just a technological development direction. At present, the heat dissipation of the shell is still a parameter that must be focused on.

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