How to Choose and Install Explosion-proof Lights?

How to Choose and Install Explosion-proof Lights?

Explosion-proof lamps refer to dangerous places such as flammable gas and dust environments. It can prevent some flammable gases and dust caused by arcs, sparks and high temperatures that can occur inside the lamp, so as to meet the requirements of explosion-proof. Such lamps They are called explosion-proof lamps and explosion-proof lights. Of course, different flammable gas mixtures also have different requirements in terms of explosion-proof grade and explosion-proof form.


Most customers are confused when choosing explosion-proof lights, and don’t know what explosion-proof lights they need, where they are used, and how many watts. Therefore, it is more difficult for us to quote customers. Because the selection, installation, use and maintenance of explosion-proof lights are indispensable for their long-term safe and reliable work, we must pay attention to them.

1. Classification of explosion-proof lights

Generally speaking, explosion-proof lamps can be divided into explosion-proof incandescent lamps, mercury lamps, low-voltage fluorescent lamps, mixed light source lamps, etc. according to the light source; according to the structure, they can be divided into explosion-proof type, increased safety type, composite type, etc.; according to the mode of use, they can be divided into fixed And portable.

2. The type of explosion-proof lamp

According to the explosion-proof type, it is divided into 5 types: explosion-proof, increased safety, positive pressure, non-sparking and dust explosion-proof.

3. The selection of explosion-proof lamps

a. The user should understand the basic working principle of explosion-proof lights and explosion-proof signs.

b. According to the grade of the dangerous place, the correct explosion-proof type, grade and temperature group should be selected.

c. According to the use environment and work requirements, reasonably select explosion-proof lamps with various functions.

d. Carefully read the product instruction manual and understand its performance and functions, and precautions lights.

4. The installation of explosion-proof lights

Before installing the explosion-proof lamp, its nameplate and product manual should be carefully checked: explosion-proof type, temperature group, category, protection level, installation method and fasteners to be used. The installation of the explosion-proof lamp must be firmly fixed, and the fasteners cannot be replaced at will. The spring washer must be complete, the opposite side of the cable should be round, and the excess inlet must be blocked.

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