Explosion-proof Anti-corrosive Operating Column

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The explosion-proof operation column is a flexible control system that can provide customers with standard or local control units or display units with special requirements. We provide three types of standard enclosures to adapt to three different situations of control and display. At the same time, up to three ComEx shells can be combined for use according to your needs. The size of the wire lead-in head can be M20x1.5 or M25x1.5. The material can be plastic or metal. The plastic lead-in head is directly screwed to fix, no need to tighten the nut. The metal lead-in head is fixed by a metal ground plate in the box. One operation column can have at most two M20 lead-in heads. In order to facilitate on-site operation, each plastic enclosure is equipped with a number plate.

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Rated Voltage Rated Current Usage Type Inlet Thread
wall mounted bridge type colomn type
380 6,10,16 AC-3 AC-4 G1/2"~G1 1/2" G1/2"~G1 1/2" G1"
Ex Marking Anti-corrosion Grade IP Grade Inlet Thread
wall mounted bridge type colomn type
ExedIIBT6=II2G Exed IIBT6(European standard)
ExedIICT6=II2G ExedIICT6(European standard)
DIP A20 TA,=II1D ExtD A20 T6(European standard)
WF1 IP54,IP65* φ8-φ30 φ8-30 φ9-φ18


  • Cast aluminum alloy shell with plastic-sprayed surface.
  • Built-in universal switch, button, ammeter (other meters can be installed as required), indicator light.
  • The switch has more than 30 functions that can be freely selected by users and can be customized according to requirements.
  • The universal switch operating mechanism has been optimized and designed to be automatically aligned, which can ensure flexible rotation and no jamming.
  • The ammeter range is specified by the user.
  • Steel pipe or cable wiring can be used.
  • The factory nameplate of the product only reflects the content of the main unit, and the code of each sub-unit is the ordering parameter.
  • Meet the requirements of GB3836-2000 and IEC60079 standards.


This product is suitable for hazardous locations in Zone 1 and Zone 2 for explosive gas atmospheres. It is used as AC 50Hz, voltage to 220/380V power equipment start and stop control.

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