Customized Electronic Component Explosion-proof Electrical Control Box

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Explosion-proof electrical distribution box BXP10-100 can provide protection in dangerous places, and can find and solve problems in the first time, such as petrochemical industry, factory workshop, mining industry, power transmission industry and other high humidity, high temperature and dust Place.

Our explosion-proof electrical distribution box (BXP10-100) series is equipped with a special material shell, flexible and customizable internal parts, and has a 1-year warranty. Please refer to the ordering model table below to learn about our products. Please contact us for prices or more information.

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Model Rated Voltage Rated Current of Main Circuit No. of Loops
BXP(P)10-100-1-4 380V
60-250 4
BXP(P)10-100-1-6 6
BXP(P)10-100-1-8 8
BXP(P)10-100-1-10 10
BXP(P)10-100-1-12 12
BXP(P)10-100-1-4K 4
BXP(P)10-100-1-6K 6
BXP(P)10-100-1-8K 8
BXP(P)10-100-1-10K 10
BXP(P)10-100-1-12K 12


  • I zone, II zone
  • The product is safer-this product is a composite modular structure, the switch cavity is explosion-proof, the bus cavity and the wiring cavity are increased safety, and each circuit can be freely combined according to the support requirements, with overload protection, short circuit protection, and leakage Protection, light control and other functions
  • Real materials-the shell is made of high-quality carbon steel or stainless steel, and through vibration aging and mechanical processing, the shell has a compact and reasonable structure, high material strength, and excellent explosion-proof performance.
  • The internal components that can be installed are -C65, C120, NSX, DZ47, CM1 circuit breakers and signal lights, etc. If you need to install other special components, you can contact the company’s engineering and technical personnel


This is a more flexible explosion-proof distribution box, compact, reasonable, and versatile, and equipped with all anti-corrosion fasteners. Compared with the traditional explosion-proof box, it has more applications, strong safety and reliability, and a more intelligent panel operating system.

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