2020 Standard Atex Led Explosion Proof Flashlight

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Explosion-proof flashlights are used for fire fighting, electric power, industrial and mining enterprises and other flammable and explosive places to provide mobile lighting. It is very suitable for various field operations, such as: geological exploration, tourism exploration, border patrol, coastal defense patrol, rescue and disaster relief, field operations, tunnel operations, airport inspections, railway inspections, archaeology and fire command, criminal investigation, traffic accident handling, electric power repairs Wait for the use of lighting needs.

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Model TY/SLED701
Shell Material aluminum alloy
Light Source LED imported chips
Rated Voltage DC3.7V
Rated Power 5W
Size φ48*170MM
Weight 250G


  • The light source adopts imported high-brightness LED, which is energy-saving and high-efficiency. The effective irradiation distance of type A can reach more than 250 meters, and the strong light and weak light can be freely switched.
  • Fully sealed design, waterproof up to 1 meter. The battery adopts high-capacity environmentally friendly lithium battery with long life and low self-discharge rate.
  • The shell has a deep anti-skid treatment, which is light and beautiful; in addition to hand-held, you can also choose to carry the tail lanyard or the long rope shoulder.
  • Charging, discharging, and constant current adopt chip intelligent control, multiple protections, safe and efficient.


A new battery or a battery that has not been used for a long time may not be fully activated due to the active material. Generally, two or three cycles of low current (0.1C) charge and discharge treatment are required before use to reach the nominal capacity. Batteries that are not used for a long time should be stored in a charged state. Generally, they can be stored after pre-charging 50% to 100% of the power. It is recommended to charge the battery once every three months to restore the saturated capacity.

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